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Taming Shopping Compulsion

Person holding a handful of shopping bags

It’s no secret that we love to shop. The sheer number of malls and yearly consumption of gross domestic products

New Year Sales Tips

Retailers traditionally ring in the New Year with deep discount sales. While spending may be the last thing on your

The Secret to Building Wealth

You’ve probably seen ads, online or elsewhere, advertising “Get Rich in 5 Easy Steps!” or “Become a Millionaire by joining

Save on Subscriptions

A tablet showing multiple subscription options

Personal care products, clothing, pet supplies, apps and streaming services are just a few of the subscriptions you can purchase

Avoiding Budget Failure

Budgeting goals must be tailored to you. Money decisions made by one person may not work for another individual. The key is creating a budget that works for you and is sustainable for the long term.

Why is Budgeting Difficult?

A pencil and a calculator on top of a monthly budgeting sheet

Ask anyone who has tried keeping a budget and they likely will confirm it is difficult. Budgeting isn’t rocket science,

Making Saving a Priority

Making Savings a Priority

As you consider your finances and your money management practices, it is important to understand how saving money plays a

Ways to Be a Better Saver

Ways to Be a Better Saver

Make saving a part of your monthly budget by putting a designated amount of your paycheck into a savings account. Setting up a direct deposit or automatic transfer to your savings account will keep the money out of sight and out of mind, reducing the temptation to spend it.

Saving Goals

Saving Goals

Setting savings goals will keep you on track to reach your financial dreams. Take some time to think about what

Cash Saving Tips

Cash Saving Tips

Cutting expenses, even in small ways, can add up to big savings. Try a few of these practically painless ways