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Credit and Borrowing

Credit and Borrowing

Credit is more than a plastic card for making purchases. Credit is a contract, a commitment to repay the amount of money borrowed, plus interest, in a timely manner. Failure to repay your credit as agreed can affect your ability…

Learn more about your credit and credit scores, including: Credit Reports, Credit Inquiries, Credit Reporting Cycles and more!

Building a solid credit history is important for your financial future. Although getting started may seem difficult, here are a few suggestions for establishing your credit history.

Loans are available from a variety of sources, including banks, credit unions, car dealerships, mortgage brokers and payday loan companies. There are a number of factors to consider when applying for a loan, click to learn more!

Learn more about loan types, including Secured Loans, Unsecured Loans and Open End/Closed End Loans.

Just as you compare prices and options when shopping for a car, it is important to comparison shop for a loan. Along with the various types of loans available, each lender offers different terms, rates, and fees that affect the…

Payday loan and cash advance companies allow individuals to borrow money from their next paycheck. Although these loans may seem like a quick and easy answer to an immediate cash need, they must be approached with extreme caution.

With so many credit cards to choose from, selecting the right card that suits your needs and budget can seem overwhelming. Interest rates, fees, terms and rewards can vary greatly, so it’s important to research and understand your options.