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Fraud and Identification Theft

Fraud and Identification Theft

Counterfeit check scams vary, but the basic premise includes two constant elements: a counterfeit check and a wire transfer. The victim is instructed to deposit the check into his bank account. Before the bank is notified the check is counterfeit,…

Internet classified and auction sites make shopping easy for buyers, sellers and unfortunately, scam artists. Most purchase scams involve a highly desirable item at an incredibly low price. The seller fabricates a story to explain why the item is being…

The guarantee of a loan, regardless of your credit history, is a sure sign of a scam. Legitimate lenders review your credit report and validate the information in your application before making a loan decision.

Scammers use emotional triggers, like love, compassion, and trust, to lower a victim's defenses and entice them to provide money or bank account information. Victims are often surprised to learn they are involved in a scam because of their emotional…

While victims of fraud rarely see their money again, it is important to provide law enforcement with information to locate the fraudster and to help prevent others from becoming victims.

Understanding the variety of ways predators obtain your personal information is your first line of defense. Learn more about how thieves obtain your data!

While there are no foolproof techniques, there are precautions you can take to protect your identity.
Learn more about how to protect your information!

The steps you take as a victim depend on the type of crime that has occurred, or the pieces of information compromised.